Proof-of-Interest: The Decentralized Protocol for Digital Persona
Version 0.4 12 August 2022
Identity is essential for digital presence. Web3 unlocks the critical abilities listed below:
  • Revealing parts of our identity on demand
  • Value realization of information regarding characteristics, preferences
  • Prove things by sharing zero or insignificant information
We developed FirstBatch around these abilities as a proof-of-interest (POI) protocol. Our vision is to become the leading identity generator to provide data-driven attestations instead of the claim based and bring ZK Identity scalability to identity protocols, middlewares, dapps, and Metaverse.

How FirstBatch Works

  1. 1.
    FirstBatch A.I. instantly generates 100s of zero-knowledge attestations based on the user's social profile.
  2. 2.
    Users mint a soulbound NFT.
  3. 3.
    Users prove their persona traits & interests to others with zero knowledge.
Sharing a part of your identity is realized as value and rewarded with FirstBatch. DApps, DAOs, Socials, and protocols use FirstBatch to interact with the interest data of users, create segmentations, and measure social alignments while protecting privacy.
FirstBatch adding a new layer to Web3 data

Proof of interest

At its core, FirstBatch is a protocol for creating and proving claims of interest through blockchain. First, users have to mint a Persona NFT, a unique token that binds a user's persona to a wallet. A persona is the set of ideas a user's social profile is interested in and its synergy with them. Currently, FirstBatch supports currently Twitter
and Reddit
for unique persona creation.
Persona NFT owners can prove their interests to Web3 platforms. Users can prove fragments of their unique personas to DApps without revealing.
FirstBatchs’ proprietary toolkit makes user segmentation and targeted wallet interaction possible for Dapps, DAOs & Brands.
The starting point in FirstBatch is the analysis of web2 data. A newcomer Persona initially consists of web2 data mapped to interests covering an extensive spectrum of web2 and web3 topics. FirstBatch users’ on-chain data becomes meaningful as FirstBatch relates interests to tokens and transactions. This unlocks a potential that was not available before as we can say phrases like “Azuki owners are %74.3 interested in X, Y, Z”.

Belong-to-Earn Infrastructure

DAOs, dapps, Brands and Metaverse performs multiple actions to interact with groups of segmented wallets. The platform provides applications an interface to reach and interact with segmented wallets.
Proof of Personhood:
Users can prove personhood and use social relations to recover wallets, assets.
Segmented Airdrops:
DApps can instantly perform airdrops to segmented communities while preserving privacy.
Interest-gated Web3.0:
DApps can create events with utilizing proof of interest, making sure people with aligned interests join.
Encoding of social relations to create better DAO governance:
DAOs can calculate an alignment coefficient for groups of wallets to weight votings, manage roles based on alignment.
Tinder for Crypto:
FirstBatch can match users with DApps, or users with users based on their social fingerprint, adding a new layer for social crypto.


The First Batch platform will be powered by the $BATCH Token. The $BATCH token aims to be the currency for mass segmented wallet interactions.
The $BATCH token creates a well-balanced belong-to-earn economics model that could offer a pleasant monetary reward system to Persona Token Holders and enables dAPPs, DAOs, and brands to take advantage of interest gated interactions with the blockchain while presenting a fair and robust voting and DAO mechanism.

Multi-chain Thesis

We believe the future is multi-chain and so FirstBatch. Due to its nature, FirstBatch is a project capable of going multi-chain. In fact, every new blockchain integration will increase the value and utility of FirstBatch for both users and applications. The size of the FirstBatch ecosystem would significantly increase with each new blockchain in the stack. User incentives provided by FirstBatch are also directly proportional to the size of the FirstBatch ecosystem.
More chains -> more apps -> more users

Multiple wallets, one identity

Web3 users own multiple wallets for different blockchains with virtually no link between them. That link can be created by owning Persona NFTs. A single point of identity that can link all wallets with an individual.
Users will be able to proof-of-interest to applications across blockchains, earning even more $BATCH. While a single point of identity yields higher income for users, it creates a creative, flexible environment for applications to build better applications.