FirstBatch Toolkit

FirstBatch provides a zero knowledge & A.I powered toolkit for both users and applications to utilize persona data.

For applications

FirstBatch offers privacy-preserving tools for everyone:

Instant PoP -> more

Instant Proof of Personhood with 5 ranks, based on user's social profiles. As users link more sources to their identity, proof of personhood ranks increase significantly as FirstBatch A.I. analyzes more data.
FirstBatch offers a pipeline to perform airdrops without collecting wallet ids or deploying code to perform token-based requirements for DApps. FirstBatch provides a;
Zero-knowledge airdrop pipeline that allows
  • Using proof of personhood rankings as requirements
  • Using interests & persona traits as requirements
  • Adding ERC-20 and ERC-721 ownership requirements
  • Providing aggregated statistics of airdrop participants
    • DApps can also use these statistics to perform post-participation requirements for claiming airdrops.
DApps now can create events that are only accessible to users with certain interests & traits or available to wallets with PoP rank above a certain threshold. On-chain access control is provided by FirstBatch to DApps.
FirstBatch provides a method to measure social alignments of 2 or more wallets and create clusters based on social alignments for a larger set of groups.
FirstBatch Toolkit Applications
FirstBatch platform positions as an all-around Web3 targeting tool for applications. As POI provides segmentation of 1st party data (data of onboarding users), the platform unlocks abilities to build communities with ease.
FirstBatch can assign personal wallets related to verified applications. This way teams can utilize the FirstBatch platform on behalf of their platforms.
Applications can perform multiple actions (see also actions) to reach and interact with groups of segmented wallets. Applications can perform
  • Airdrops for segmented communities (eg. Nike airdrop tokens for "NBA Fans")
  • Send push notifications to segmented communities
  • Create interest-gated events
  • Data-driven community building
  • Utilize proof of personhood
  • Build sybil-resistant DAOs

Web2 <-> Web3 merge

Web2 data parsed with Web3 data of wallet to create unique mappings in the crypto ecosystem. FirstBatch platform can deliver statistics that aggregate data from both Web2 and Web3.
5.6% of Azuki owners are interested in X
12.3% of "Vegan Lifestyle" personas are holding Y token

Community movements

FirstBatch platform allows keeping track of the blockchain actions of like-minded peers with aligned interests.
1.4% of the people with shared interests recently bought Meebit NFTs
17.8% of Sports Fans are holding $CHZ (erc-20)