FirstBatch utilizes A.I to create a representation of your identity from your social data

Cyber Identity

Identity is a self-representation of one's interests, relationships, and social activity. FirstBatch creates this identification from social profiles and converts them into zero-knowledge attestations. unlocking the ability to own and monetize the identification of a social profile while preserving privacy. Users must own PNFTs to access the FirstBatch protocol.
Persona NFTs are keys to interact with FirstBatch
User identity is mapped into two domains; persona & interests where each interest has a different level of intensity displaying the involvement of the user.


Persona is the "to be" part of a user's identity that is defined by homophilic attributes. Each user identity consists of multiple personas.
For instance, a user can simultaneously be a;
  • Web3 builder
  • Sports fan
Each persona represents a potential community with aligned interests. Therefore persona is the information about where and how the user belongs to certain communities. Distinct users might share different subsets of personas.
Two distinct identities sharing a persona


Personas are sets of interests. Each interest conveys information on how a persona is associated with an identity. There are numerous possible ways for a user to belong to a persona, thus a community; interests allow in-depth analysis of identities and provide unlimited flexibility.
A shared persona (Sports Fan) formed by different set of interests


Interests can emerge suddenly but organic ties with concepts require effort & involvement in the community. Involvement is how dense a user is connected to a certain interest. FirstBatch displays the level of involvement with three levels:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
Each interest is associated with involvement levels.

The multi-level structure of FirstBatch allows limitless flexibility in capturing users' unique identities. The methodology provided is theoretically unlimited and can model any interest powerful enough to form a community within social platforms.

Persona NFTs

Each wallet interacting with FirstBatch needs to own a soulbond Persona NFT. PNFTs are free to mint and no personal data is embedded in the token.
Persona NFTs can be minted through the FirstBatch platform. FirstBatch currently supports Twitter and Reddit for identity capturing. Before minting, users connect socials with FirstBatch.

Gasless, Free Minting

Mass adoption of Web3 is undermined by complex UX, the requirement of using exchanges, and other lengthy procedures. A foundational part of our vision is to ease the mass adoption of Web3 with better utilities. In order to support our vision, we're making PNFTs mintable without fees and gas. See gasless minting for detail.
As a belong-to-earn platform, the entry barrier for FirstBatch is to be an authentic person. Since minting is free of charge, users will be able to earn tokens, without using exchanges, a first in Web3.


In order to make sure identities belong to organic users, FirstBatch checks the eligibility of user social before minting. Eligibility check depends on the user's organic interaction with content over a long period of time. Newly created social accounts won't be accepted in the first phase.
Eligibility makes sure socials are used one time only within the FirstBatch protocol. Social handles that are already linked to wallets won't be eligible for PNFTs.


Creating Persona NFTs takes time between ~20-40 seconds depending on demand. Minting steps are:
  1. 1.
    Web2 source auth
  2. 2.
    Eligibility Check
  3. 3.
    Persona detection
  4. 4.
    NFT Generation
  5. 5.

PNFTs Nature

Persona NFT is a generative 1/1 token on Polygon. Your identity data is the seed for generating the colors and shapes on your NFT.
Due to their utility-oriented nature, PNFTs hold unusual functionalities.

NFTs as Keys

Persona NFTs are soulbond keys indicating a wallet has created an identity and connected sufficient data sources to create a valid persona mapping. Once minted, FirstBatch checks if user owns a PNFT to give access to the infrastructure.


PNFTs expire in 6 months. This means that users can't use their PNFTs six months after minting to make proofs and earn $BATCH. Users need to create new PNFTs to continue using FirstBatch.


PNFTs are soulbond NFTs, meaning the minter is registered to the blockchain as the original owner of the token. PNFTs can't be traded. However, they can be re-minted by the user.