Proof of Interest

POI (proof-of-interest) is a privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized identity sharing between users and applications.

For users

Users must own PNFT to utilize FirstBatch in the first place. See PNFTs for more detail.
POI is a protocol implemented by applications. POI acts as middleware, becoming the authentication interface (just like google sign-in).

Users can join exclusive events, navigate metaverses, claim special airdrops, and more.

Applications that implement FirstBatch will be able to redirect users to FirstBatch through their user interface. Users owning PNFTs will;
  1. 1.
    Connect wallet to DApp, DAO, etc.
  2. 2.
    Get redirected from the application to FirstBatch
  3. 3.
    Connect wallet to FirstBatch (if not already)
  4. 4.
    Generate POI by signing a message
After signing, users create a special proof of interest (belonging) that is provable on-chain. The user again performs gasless transactions to verify their proof on-chain.
Grant Access

Providing Data

Users have the option to become data providers in exchange for $BATCH tokens. An application has to pay $BATCH for each query on distinct interests. Each application is a source of $BATCH for users. Wealth is distributed in escrow fashion. Contract stores balance for each user, withdrawable with a low-end limit.
Revoking application access
Users can revoke and re-grant access to applications on the FirstBatch platform. Providing full spectrum of Persona data is completely off-chain and doesn't require proofs.

For applications

Applications must register to FirstBatch and get audited internally. After getting verified, applications can start integrating FirstBatch into their platform.

FirstBatch Toolkit for DApps

FirstBatch provides applications with a toolkit for better interactions in web3. FirstBatch API is a modular architecture allowing DApps to build flexible models based on their certain needs. More on Integrations API.

Applications integrate proof of interest protocol via FirstBatch API

Verified applications communicate with FirstBatch API to create unique access URLs, and generate Merkle proofs. Proofs and $BATCH operations are applied via smart contracts. More on integrations API.
Any wallet can mint and send PNFTs to contracts since soulbond is not a requirement for contracts to utilize FirstBatch.
Builders can use POI to create exclusive communities, where users can join only by proving their genuine interest in particular topics or ideas. In addition, DAOs can leverage POI to prevent bots and irrelevant users from participating within spaces or votes. POI can be a prerequisite for claiming airdrops creating interest-gated possibilities for web3. We believe the use of POI can get exceptionally creative.