Getting Started

Good to know: A quick start guide can be good to help folks get up and running with your API in a few steps. Some people prefer diving in with the basics rather than meticulously reading every page of documentation!


DApps are registered through email applications for testnet alpha. All emails should be sent to [email protected] for more information.
FirstBatch team internally audits DApps for eligibility. You should receive
  • A public key
  • A secret
  • A contract address
after registration.
API keys are required to interact with FirstBatch API. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.
Contract addresses are for event-based on-chain permission management.
FirstBatch is currently on testnet alpha. Queue time may change for DApps to join.

Install the library

You can directly install FirstBatch clients from PyPI or npm.
pip install firstbatch-py
npm i firstbatch
After installation, create API client with your public key and secret by:
from firstbatch import FirstBatchClient
public_key = "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY"
secret = "YOUR_SECRET"
fb = FirstBatchClient(public_key, secret)
const {FirstbatchClient} = require('firstbatch');
const public_key = "YOUR PUBLIC KEY"
const secret = "YOUR SECRET KEY"
const firstbatch = new FirstbatchClient(public_key, secret)