Use Cases

Here are some use cases for FirstBatch API. Functionalities are not limited by these use cases.
Statistics, user base segmentation is currently not possible in Web3 in terms of interest and behaviour. FirstBatch provides aggregated statistics of event participants, remaining fully privacy preserving. This allow DApps to arrange case specific segmentation operations or in some cases, all of the user base.
Personhood Barrier -> Model 2
DApps can easily create interactions for users that is gated by the rank of the personhood. This promises significant reduction of sybils attacks and increase in user quality for DApps.
Just like personhood barriers, DApps can gate event and manage permissions solely based on persona data of users.
This is possible by the unique technological pipeline of FirstBatch. Just with a few lines of code, DApps can setup event only available to users with specific interests & persona traits.
Gated Airdrops -> Model 4
FirstBatch offers a plug-n-play model for airdrops. Airdrops with interest requirements, personhood thresholds and on-chain asset ownership requirements are possible with few lines of code. These airdrops can be claim based airdrops or rewards can be distributed by DApps.
Whitelist airdrops are available to a static list of wallets defined pre-airdrop. FirstBatch offers an alternative by creating dynamic whitelists based. Airdrops can be claimed by new eligible users as long as the event is in ACTIVE state. DApps can stop airdrops by simply pausing the event.
Segmented Airdrops -> Model 3
Segmented airdrops inherit many features of gated airdrops and adds a new value of growth oriented airdrops.
This model enables the possibility to airdrop to a segmented group of wallets, creating better, efficient airdrops. FirstBatch offers this by creating two consecutive events.
  • First event is available for anyone with PNFTs.
  • DApp aggregate statistics of participants of the first event
  • Based on the distribution of interests, personhood ranks and persona traits, DApp creates a second event eligible for only selected attestations.
For example, a Community/Social DApp (e.g. Bonfire) can observe 45% of the participants are creatives and %17 are designers and make the airdrop only available to users hold those attestations.
Model types