Interest & Persona Labels

Detectable persona traits & interests for integrations API Version1
"Skin Care",
"City travels, Sightseeing",
"Extreme Sports",
"Language Learning",
"Physical therapy",
"Horror & Thriller",
"Agriculture Industry",
"Women's Fashion",
"Hip Hop",
"Crime & Mystery",
"Men's Fashion",
"Stock Market",
"Pharmaceutical Industry",
"Game Development",
"Trans Community",
"Gourmet travels",
"Metal Industry",
"Beauty Mavens",
"Astronomy, Space and Rocket Science",
"Cats as pets",
"Vegetarian Diet",
"Electric Cars",
"Simulation Games",
"Advertisement Design",
"Console Games",
"Producing & Live shows",
"Open Source",
"Biotech Industry",
"Aviation Industry",
"Binance Chain",
"BBQ & Grill",
"Healing & Medicals",
"Digital Art",
"Alcohols & cocktails",
"Sports Fan",
"Polar travels",
"Activism Rights",
"Memes in general",
"Marketing & Ads",
"AR & VR",
"Family Person",
"Music Guru",
"Home Improvement",
"Vegan & Vegetarian",
"Artificial Intelligence",
"Distributed Systems",
"FPS games",
"Automotive Enthusiasts",
"Zero-knowledge protocols",
"Online Education",
"Religious tourism, Pilgrimage",
"Construction Industry",
"Mobile Games",
"Education Oriented",
"Traveler & Wanderer",
"Adventure traveling, Skiing, Climbing",
"Machine Learning",
"UX design",
"SUVs & off-roads",
"Keyboards, Keys",
"Nail Saloons",
"App Design",
"Sports games",
"Daycare & Preschool",
"Dental Care",
"Internet Safety",
"Organic Food",
"Vintage, Classics",
"Automative Industry",
"Driverless, Smart Cars",
"Social Sciences",
"Smart Contracts",
"Vegan Diet",
"High-end, Luxury",
"Interior Design",
"Elder Care",
"Premiere League",
"RnB - Soul",
"Power & Energy Industry",
"Healthy Living",
"History Books",
"Fitness & Exercise",
"Beauty Saloons",
"Real Estate",
"Pet Adoption",
"Colleges & Universities",
"Career Improvement",
"Tech Guru",
"Fish & Aquariums",
"Garden & Decoration",
"Piercing & Tatoos",
"Hair Saloons",
"Childrens book",
"Animal Care - Pet Person",
"Literature & Arts",
"Musician Gears",
"Meme Lord",
"Street Fashion",
"Biology, Bioscience",
"Herbs & Supplements",
"Web Development",
"Legal Services",
"Beach travel, Swimming",
"Invesment & VC's",
"World Cuisine",
"Crypto Trading",
"Product Design",
"Cult movies, Classics",
"Web3 Builder",
"Rythm Section",
"Web3.0 Citizen",
"Manifacturing Industry",
"Retail Industry",
"Computer Graphics",
"Sustainable Fashion",
"Psychological therapy",
"Movie Enthusiast",
"Internet of Things",
"Fantasy - Sci-Fi",
"Street Food",
"Dogs as pets",
"Non-Binary people",
"Gay Rights"