Staking & Rewards

Participation Rewards aims to encourage the holding of $BATCH for participation and future DAO voting purposes.

Initial Supply For Rewards

24% of the initial token supply will be used for staking rewards. Staking pools will offer a lockup period. Holders accepting a lockup period will be eligible for bonus rewards.
$BATCH for Modular ZK Interest Gates & FirstBatch SDK: dapps and developers can hold $BATCH for building Modular Interest gates on applications. FirstBatch creates dapp-specific smart contracts for partners that conveniently incentivize the partner’s users for verifying their ZK Interest Proofs. $BATCH is primarily paid to users for their proofs, with a portion flowing to FirstBatchs’ treasury. $BATCH for access to Decentralized Interest Graph: dapps and developers can spend $BATCH to query social alignment vectors of pseudonymous user interest data. $BATCH for interacting with multiple Interest Gates & FirstBatch dapp Ecosystem: Users who hold a PNFT and meet $BATCH balance thresholds can access multiple Interest-gated events in FirstBatchs’ dapp ecosystem. Users can spend $BATCH to navigate to any persona aligned ZK Interest gate on web3.0 via FirstBatch. Holding $BATCH gives users a personalized web3 UX with the power to prove their ZK Interests on any FirstBatch partner platform, acquire incentives and rewards, effortlessly find their communities, and monetize their social interests.

$BATCH for More Proofs

DApps using proof of interest
  • Spend $BATCH for proofs as fees
  • Hold $BATCH for API limits (API limit tiers based on $BATCH amount)
Developers using proof of interest
  • Developers are holding $BATCH for creating Interest-gated experiences with FirstBatchs' Modular ZK AI.
  • Developers can burn $BATCH using successfully designed, prior Interest-gated experiences to accelerate their process.
  • $BATCH as a Percentage of the dApp Airdrop
FirstBatch will airdrop $BATCH tokens and dApps airdrop as a percentage of the payment received for marketing purposes and velocity.
Getting ahead of the queue in Rare Drops
If eligible wallets are more than the number of targeted wallets (if dapp is willing to airdrop to 10k wallets but there are 50k qualified), users will be able to burn $BATCH to climb the list of participants to earn tokens. This is a valuable mechanic for dApps planning rare drops.
Proving interests for interactions other than airdrops, users earn $BATCH
  • Metaverse events, games and other interest gated interactions
  • Onboarding play2earn games
  • User base segmentations for Web3
Interest-Gated web3.0 in Metaverse & Crypto socials
Users who want great suggestions and navigations in crypto socials can shape their experience with rich interest data.
Burning $BATCH per interest adds an interest-navigated layer for users.
Tinder for Identity Applications and Crypto Socials
Users spend $BATCH to connect with the users/groups with aligned interests in identity applications & crypto socials.
Determining Voting Weights and Presence in Governance
Users will pay $BATCH to prove social encodings to DAOs, determining voting weights and their presence in governance.
Custom Shop 1/1 NFT Created by Different Artists
NFTs are generative, and unique for each user. Users can spend $BATCH token for custom shop 1/1 NFT created by different artists.
Ticket to Navigation
Users who hold $BATCH will have the opportunity to get suggestions of dApps, DAOs, Metaverse, or brands that match their interests.
Pools will offer a lockup period. Holders accepting a lockup period will be eligible for bonus reward levels.