The BATCH Token


Our Tokenomics creates a well-balanced Proof of Interest economics model that could offer a pleasant monetary reward system to Persona Token Holders and enables dAPPs, DAOs, and brands to take advantage of interest gated interactions with the blockchain while presenting a fair and robust voting & DAO mechanism.
Token Distribution
The total $BATCH supply will be 1,000,000,000. Referred allocations will be released over time according to the release schedule.

Detailed Economics


  • Persona NFT Holders
  • Platform
  • Dapps, DAOs & Brands
  • Actions

Each actor is equipped with a different set of available actions

Persona NFT Holders:

  • Can buy tokens with discounts
  • Can receive tokens from FirstBatch Partners for proving their interests
  • Can receive tokens from Belong-to-Earn Network
  • Can receive discounted products & services
  • Can provide liquidity and earn rewards
  • Can govern integrated community spaces
  • Can belong to A space for people with aligned interests

Dapps, DAOs & Brands:

  • Can buy tokens
  • Can reach the targeted segments
  • Can use POI to create exclusive communities, where users can join only by proving their genuine interest in particular topics or ideas.
  • Can leverage POI to prevent bots and irrelevant users from participating within spaces or votes
  • Can create prerequisites for airdrops
  • Can share reach out to wallet owners based on their interests by sending notifications related to their content, airdrops, and announcements
  • Can modify FirstBatchs' modular AI to expand interest data and interact with targeted attestations


  • Can provide the infrastructure for Persona NFTs
  • Can earn service fees
  • Can sell tokens
  • Can burn tokens to decrease supply and increase value

$BATCH Token Governance

The $BATCH token is deflationary.
To facilitate a robust economic structure and a sustainable DAO mechanism, BATCH ($BATCH) tokens will eventually be minted (pre-mined) to ultimately achieve an effective decentralized belong-to-earn governance model.
$BATCH holders have governance rights over the protocol thanks to the voting rights provided by the token.
$BATCH grants governance actions like voting on a consensus related to community spaces.

$BATCH Distribution & Earning

A certain amount of $BATCH will be distributed to private round I, private round II , and public investors during the token sale rounds. After the token sale rounds, investors and players can generate $BATCH by staking.
$BATCH can also be acquired via trading activities (i.e., Purchasing via exchanges).
Staking may also unlock premium rewards such as access to more POI channels, additional token airdrops, and bonus belong-to-earn resources.

$BATCH Issuance

$BATCH is closely tied to product usage in many ways:

Stage I: POI

As the POI ecosystem grows with more individuals adopting Persona tokens, FirstBatch will be able to provide a platform for large-scale interaction with $BATCH incentives.
$BATCH enables Persona Token Holders to contribute dAPPs, DAOs & web3.0 platforms with their proofs. This enables Persona Token Holders to earn by proving their interests.
There will be initial $BATCH airdrops for early adopters and additional airdrops throughout the development for the community.
$BATCH for Modular ZK Interest Gates & FirstBatch SDK: dapps and developers can hold $BATCH for building Modular Interest gates on applications. FirstBatch creates dapp-specific smart contracts for partners that conveniently incentivize the partner’s users for verifying their ZK Interest Proofs. $BATCH is primarily paid to users for their proofs, with a portion flowing to FirstBatchs’ treasury. $BATCH for access to Decentralized Interest Graph: dapps and developers can spend $BATCH to query social alignment vectors of pseudonymous user interest data. $BATCH for interacting with multiple Interest Gates & FirstBatch dapp Ecosystem: Users who hold a PNFT and meet $BATCH balance thresholds can access multiple Interest-gated events in FirstBatchs’ dapp ecosystem. Users can spend $BATCH to navigate to any persona aligned ZK Interest gate on web3.0 via FirstBatch. Holding $BATCH gives users a personalized web3 UX with the power to prove their ZK Interests on any FirstBatch partner platform, acquire incentives and rewards, effortlessly find their communities, and monetize their social interests.
dApps using proof of interest
  • Spend $BATCH for proofs as fees.
  • Hold $BATCH for API limits. (API limit tiers based on BATCH amount)
Developers using proof of interest
  • Developers are holding $BATCH for creating Interest-gated experiences with FirstBatchs' Modular ZK AI.
  • Developers can burn $BATCH using successfully designed, prior Interest-gated experiences to accelerate their process.
For the user-end and belong to earn:
  • Users can receive airdrops proving their interests. This way, proof of belonging is rewarded by the airdropped asset.
  • In addition, FirstBatch will airdrop $BATCH tokens and DApps airdrop as a percentage of the payment received for marketing purposes and velocity.
  • If eligible wallets are more than the number of targeted wallets (if dapp is willing to airdrop to 10k wallets but there are 50k qualified), users will be able to burn $BATCH to climb the list of participants to earn tokens. This is a valuable mechanic for DApps planning rare drops.
  • Proving interests for interactions other than airdrops, users earn $BATCH.
  • Metaverse events, games, and other interest gated interactions.
  • Onboarding play2earn games.
  • User base segmentations for Web3.
  • NFTs are generative and unique for each user. Users can spend $BATCH token for custom shop 1/1 NFT created by different artists.

Allocation of the Funds

A 3% transaction fee will be charged when proving an interest of a Persona Token Holder on the chain.
50% of the transaction fee will be shared among token holders who stake within the liquidity pool and with a contract. The contract's payout will be proportional to the total amount staked and the total continuous time staked.
50% of the transaction fees will be transferred to the foundation and will be used to develop the FirstBatch ecosystem.
Transaction fees will be charged in the token amount transacted, and 50% of this amount will be used to buy back tokens from the open market. The bought-backed amount will be distributed to the stakers.
Several improvable deflationary mechanisms will be implemented during the expansion of the project.


We may periodically organize airdrop events to reward our supporters, investors, and members.
Airdrop events may have different rules and regulations, and some events may present collector items without utility, while others can offer NFTs with actual utilities and bonuses.

Token Launch Plan

The $BATCH token launch comprises concurrent generation of three classes of tokens, namely:
PUBLIC $BATCH TOKEN: Unlocked upon TGE and immediately tradable, including 100% of all $BATCH tokens for the public offering and liquidity pool and an initial fractional release of (non-sale) tokens allocated for the foundation.
LOCKED $BATCH TOKEN: Immediately staked at TGE (via smart contract) as collateral with prescribed vesting plan. Staked $BATCH tokens comprise private round I, private round II investors, private sale tranches, team and foundation non-sale tokens.
UNLOCKED $BATCH TOKEN: Collateralized (proxy) tokens redeemable for vested BATCH Tokens staked in the pool.
Prior to TGE, no $BATCH Tokens will be issued. $BATCH Tokens are issued in the unlocked form via autonomous smart contract authoring. A small portion of the generated tokens is issued for sale on a public exchange. The remaining portion of the investment tokens sold previously to pre-seed and seed investors are deposited for staking.